More than 60years experience

Milani Enrico S.r.l. was founded in 1949 by Mr. Enrico Milani as a cold pressed producer of screws and small metal items in general; the company then grew up focusing and specializing in special screw production.

Mr. Enrico Milani started his business in 1949 with his brother Umberto as suppliers of cold pressed screw and sheared articles in metal. The two brothers decided to share the activities, so Enrico Milani focused all his competences in the production of special screws and fixing system by cold press process. The choice that took place more than 50 years ago to focus mainly on special screws allowed the development of MILANI ENRICO srl that year after year increased the production and the clientele, gaining the name of reliable supplier in the realiziation of fastening systems in accordance whit the customerĀ“s technical department.The development and increase of the activity led the two brother to separate the two productions and found the MILANI ENRICO S.r.l. that concentrated all the potentialitiea mainly on the improvement of the Know-how for the production of cold pressed screws and fastening systems. This skill of valuing, projecting, realizing new projects and the efficiency of the logistics and quality department have allowed MILANI ENRICO Srl to consolidate his presence on the market in different fields and to be a guarantee for the customers searching for new solutions for fastening systems.