Process systems and certificates

The efficient quality system of Milani Enrico S.r.l. guarantees the conformity of the whole production range thanks to the continuous measurements and controls; moreover, Milani Enrico S.r.l. can provide all certificates you need and is certificate ISO 9001 since 1997.

The Quality System in Milani Enrico S.r.l. is organized as a continuous control process which follows the article from the acceptance of raw material till the delivery. The raw material is checked up at the entrance verifying the established parameters and the supplier certificate. Then the wire goes into the production process: each item has a drawing with all measures which has to refer to and to whom the machine and the whole control process has been set up. The production is checked up each 15minutes and all measurements are registered in the apposite database. The quality management can follow in real time all data registered and the machines are set up to stop immediately it two sizes are found out Not Ok referring to the parameters. All steps are identified and it is possible to follow the item path by the Lot number which is the “identity card” of the item and which you can find in each box going out from Milani Enrico S.r.l.